“…Write the Vision and Make it Plain…”

The Western culture is filled with illustrious names, brilliant minds, and dynamic personalities. Yet, our cities lie desolate, our heritage a reproach, and our children are forgotten strangers in the land. Where did we go wrong as the Church?  What was espoused by many to be a great spiritual awakening for our day has resulted in spiritual confusion and a gradual falling away! The systems of man and the religious traditions are a forsaken wilderness, having the forms of God yet denying the power thereof. The Church must return to the foot of the cross and discover the true power of God in what He did in response to man’s utter corruption. The cross of Calvary is where man will discover God’s answer and provision for every issue of human life.

Lonnie Hagen is a graduate of Florida Christian University with a Master’s degree of Ministry in Christian Counseling and is widely esteemed nationally and abroad as a prophet to the Church at large. He and his wife Nicole travel extensively ministering in the prophetic voice the revelation of the finished work of Christ. They are the founders of Living Word Ministries Inc, which is actively involved with teaching and developing the Church in the prophetic gifting, leadership development, and Church government. This ministry demonstrates effectively how that God has truly set in the Church not only pastors, evangelists, and teachers, but also apostles and prophets for the establishing of the saints for the work of the ministry.